My name is Jessica, I'm 24 and I make vids, my YouTube account is StormyJess20 (which is named after J-Pop boy band: Arashi) I love many things... I joined tumblr to blog about those things so my obsessions don't drive my real life friends crazy and I can express myself (fangirl) freely.


WARNING!!Stuff I will most likely post at some point/go back & forth between are:

1. ATLA/Korra (Makorra!)

2. Anime/Manga naming them all is impossible! (some Shounen-Ai)

3. Arashi
Bated by: MatsuJun (Hana Yori Dango/Gokusen)
Ichiban: Sho-chan (But if I had to be honest he & Ohno are about tied)
OTPs: Sakuraiba & Juntoshi (I really love Matsumiya too... any Arashi rabu is nice really XD)

4. Asian Dramas & Asian Idols

5. Harry Potter (well duh, who doesn't???)

6. Life with Derek (and by that I mean Dasey.)

7. ABC Family Shows

8. Psych

9. Darren Criss!! (The rest of StarKid too!)

10. Glee (Klaine!)

11. Youtube stuff

12. Books/Movies

13. The music I like is kinda weird or at least it's rare to hear where I live (a small place where 90% of the population listen to pop, rap, country & 80s. Not that it's ALL bad music, just that I'm sick of hearing it all the time!)

14. I cuss a lot in my posts.

EDIT: I'm joining the Doctor Who/Sherlock fandoms now, so expect that too!


Ps. Sorry about the mess! Everything has tags for sorting purposes.

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